In the Studio

Hello my future studiomate

If you’ve spoken with me in the past 10 months you’ve probably heard me rave about my studio. So now, if you’ve ever wanted to love your studio as much as I do, you’re in luck: I’m looking for a fellow freelancer (or two) to take over for my current studiomates who just had a baby and can’t make the trek across the city anymore. It’s a really great, clean space in a totally rad neighborhood, very close to the Berks station on the Market-Frankford line.

The logistics are yet-to-be-determined, but a new studiomate must be willing and able to co-sign a one-year lease. The lease would start on January 1st, but you could start working here before then if you’d like.

I’d love to continue sharing my studio with fellow designers/illustrators, and super-bonus if you’re interested in collaborating on bigger projects together. But! If you work in a different field, tell me about it.

This isn’t a ideal situation for someone with a lot of furniture/belongings who needs a studio mostly as a storage space – it’s a working studio! If you do have furniture that needs to be accommodated, let me know.

We can’t always get what we want, but my dream studiomate would:
+ be a hardworking individual
+ have several years of professional experience under his/her belt (sorry, no fresh college grads)
+ love Future Islands and Beach House
+ not need a ton of storage space, although an extra cabinet or shelf would be fine
+ be in a design/creative field and…
+ potentially be interested in collaborating on projects
+ be my friend?

If you’re still interested after reading that list…I’d love to learn more about you. Please send a resume and some info and a pizza to melissa.mcfeeters [at good ol’]


+ South Kensington (Cecil B. Moore & Mascher)
+ 500 square feet of shared space
+ $275/month*
+ Shared central worktable
+ Good wi-fi
+ Utilities included

*Based on splitting rent between two people. This number may change slightly depending on the terms of the 2016 lease with the landlord.


Shared worktable + my drafting table


Coffee zone + mini fridge


Looking back toward the door (the shelves in the back will be replaced with another storage solution)


This would be the view from your side of the desk, although it’s large enough that you could slide down to the other end also.

From the Collection

Bulgarian Bugs

Feeling guilty for not posting a stamp last week, so this week I’m posting a whole series. From left to right, top to bottom: the owlfly, threadwinged antlion, Rosalia longicorn, cricket, Mammoth wasp, wheat grain beetle.

Country: Bulgaria
Issued: 1964
Designers: M. Peykova, V. Vasileva

From the Collection

Michigan DoA

Michigan Department of Agriculture Feed Inspection Revenue Stamp

Issued: circa 1939

From the Collection


This is a Christmas Seal from Denmark, but the words are Greenlandic (a language that only about 50,000 people speak) so it was incredibly difficult to learn anything about this stamp. “Kalatdlit-nunat” refers to Greenland, but I still don’t know what “jûtdle” means. At any rate, it’s an image of two cute seals and a kayaker, brought to you by the crazy amounts of snow and slush we’ve been dealing with in Philadelphia recently.

From the Collection

20 Filler

As far as I can tell, this is a charity stamp for the Hungarian Red Cross from WWII, when semi-postal stamps were sold at a premium over the postal value to raise money. Seems surprising to go the extra length for such incredible embossing during wartime, but maybe people were willing to pay even extra for it.

From the Collection



“Under the protectorate of his Royal Highness the Prince Ludwig of Bavaria: GERMAN BREWERY EXHIBITION with special exhibitions Bavarian barley and hops.”

Designer: Franz Paul Glass (based on a poster design)

I bought this at a recent stamp show simply because I like the way it looks (Egyptian-revival maybe?), so I got a real kick out of finding out this was an advertisement for a beer expo (thanks to Google translate). The designer also seems to have an interesting history as part of a German graphic design collective called “Die 6” although there isn’t too much information on them online.

From the Collection

Inspected / Approved

Pennsylvania Vehicle Inspection sticker

Issued: 1956

From the Collection


“Telegraph stamps were used by private companies for use on their own telegrams.  The stamps showed payment for the telegraph service fee had been collected.  Customers filled out a form, submitted it with payment, and the clerk applied the stamp and cancelled it to show payment had been received.” – Mystic Stamp Company

Issued: 1883