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Cigarette Tubes

For the tax on hollow tubes of paper.

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Fast Express

Pan-American Exposition Issue: 2c Train

Issued: 1901

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Christmas Collection

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Ticket Tantrum

Just picked up the December issue of Philadelphia Magazine to check out an illustration I did, my first for Philly Mag! The article is about the public’s reaction to high ticket prices at a recently-opened live performance venue.

This issue also includes a great full-page illustration by another Tyler alum, Scotty Reifsnyder, so keep an eye out for this one.


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American Indian

14c American Indian

Issued: May 1, 1923

Designer: Clair Aubrey Huston

Engravers: Louis Schofield, Frank Lamasure, Edward M. Hall, Joachim C. Benzing

Trivia: Image based on De Lancey Gill’s photograph of Hollow Horn Bear (1850-1913), a Brule Sioux.

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Gotta love the yellow-on-blue cancellation, note the way it accentuates his schnozz. Snuff indeed.

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Mature Tax, Fruit Paid

Totally into this large black & white fruit stamp, but I’ll admit that I got stamp envy when I looked this up and found that each year came in a different color.

In the Studio

Change of Scenery


Knife Fight and I have been doing a lot more mid-day snuggling since my studio building got shut down last month. Cross your fingers that our landlord will be able to make all the necessary changes to open it back up, hopefully without spiking our rent. In the meantime, bun and I have some sketches to do.