Initially conceived for the Shelf Life exhibition at Masthead Gallery in Philadelphia, the Crownstone Double IPA packaging created for my Dad’s homebrew took on a life of its own as the concept evolved. The Mason-Dixon theme continues throughout nearly every aspect of the packaging:  a linear 5-pack to represent the Mason-Dixon line itself, with corresponding labels on each side of the bottle, a gold band across the bottlecap to delineate the bottle’s halfway point, and coasters celebrating the unofficial state foods on either side.

  • Shows: Shelf Life, A Homebrewers and Artists Collaboration, Masthead Print Studio/Gallery

  • Client: My Dad

Crownstone Packaging - Melissa McFeeters Crownstone bottle & tag - Melissa McFeeters Crownstone bottles and band - Melissa McFeeters Crownstone - Melissa McFeeters Crownstone Pretzel and Crab - Melissa McFeeters